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Who we are

Franchise Pool International (FPI) is a unique network of independent franchise experts, specialised in the brokerage of franchise systems within international markets. Currently our network covers over 45 countries in Europe, North America, South East Asia, Middle East and South African markets.  FPI offers franchisors the opportunity to develop their brands into some or all of these markets, through a single primary contact in their domestic market and a single contract.  The FPI network continues to grow, with the goal of further strengthening our position in international franchise markets.

Our work focuses both on supporting our franchisor clients in the all-important preparation phase for their international expansion and in their search for well-qualified potential partners in their target country or countries. The in-depth local knowledge of our FPI partners in each target market is the key to success. FPI partners hold regular meetings to learn from each other’s experience and share information on those brands planning to expand internationally. Our two major events held each year offer unique opportunities for franchisors to meet with all our members and present their brands to our network.
For information on these events and how you may participate, please contact your local FPI partner.

Our services

For international franchisors:

1. Through watching your presentations, discussions and, if possible, visiting your establishments, we learn about the strengths of your brand and your international objectives.   With this knowledge, we are able to use our experience to advise you on effective strategies for your international development.

2. We assist and advise you in the development of your “International Franchise Package”.  This package will contain appropriate presentation materials, market information, financial models and contractual documentation.  Franchise-related legislation exists in various European countries and if required, our legal experts can advise and assist you in complying with the relevant legislation.   Once the international franchise package is finalised, we can present your brand to our FPI members in the countries targeted. Ideally, this presentation takes place during one of the FPI bi-annual franchise events, where all the FPI partners are present.

3. The recruitment process can commence in each target market.   The first step in this process is to define an appropriate marketing budget directly with the local FPI partner.  The marketing budget serves to raise awareness of the master franchise opportunity in the local market.   As the target audience is generally well-identified, marketing budgets for master franchise recruitments are far lower than typical franchisee recruitment budgets.  

To summarise, our services include:
Advising on international development strategy
• Assisting in the preparation of the international franchise package
• Market research
• Adaptation to national needs
• Master franchise recruitment

For potential master franchise prospects

Whether your interest is in B2B or B2C businesses, services or product-based concepts, every local FPI partner is able to present a range of master franchise opportunities to suitably qualified potential master franchise prospects.

The objective of the Franchise Pool International Network is to combine international Franchise know-how with local market knowledge and expertise!

If you are interested in our service don't hesitate to contact us either by filling in the form or by writing an e-mail.
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Our Group of Franchise experts

All FPI network partners can help their national franchise systems and commercial enterprises in their expansion abroad. Our main business is brokerage, but we also assist in readying systems through providing our clients with the know-how they need for international expansion. We are offering two types of service:


We represent businesses from all countries where a FPI Network partner is established. These brands are presented by visiting and attending trade shows, seminars and conferences where we usually appear as guest-speaker. Furthermore, we organize Master Conferences in conjunction with local partners in many countries We use suitable internet franchise web portals for marketing purposes.

We are, moreover, represented at international trade shows where we market ourselves at our own exhibition stand and where we actively look for master franchise partners for our clients. On request we are also happy to research specific markets for certain industries and to approach potentially interested parties directly.

We are an international network, but we also offer local accountability because only
local consultants have the in-depth knowledge of the domestic market and know how to contact investors that
may be suitable for international brands. With these ongoing activities, we have been successful in finding excellent international partners for established businesses over the past years. A number of outstanding examples can be found in our list of references.

Our success lies in undertaking a thorough pre-selection and gaining the trust of the candidate. If required by the client, we assist in facilitating the negotiation process.  A precondition for including a new brand into our portfolio is a personal on-site inspection of the business and a study of the system’s feasibility in the respective countries targeted. Should you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to call our head office or your local FPI partner. Globalisation and the evolution of technology have opened up the world for business development. Whilst building companies and their brands across international markets remains challenging, support from a specialist consultant can add real value. Companies looking for accelerated growth and competitive advantage through franchising find the support of franchise development professionals essential.

We created Franchise Pool International to meet that need. When compared with other major international markets, Europe has developed one of the largest ranges of franchise systems. There are some 7.500 different home-grown systems in Europe and many of these franchisors are now seeking partners in other European countries. But we don’t stop at the European boundaries – we now expanding our network to the Middle East and Canada to assist our clients across the franchising world.

Different cultures and business systems in Europe and all over the world mean that it’s not easy for local companies to expand internationally - even into a neighbouring country! Fortunately, there are experts on hand to help. With its network of franchise and licensing experts across Europe, Franchise Pool International offers a unique service for establishing contacts with potential partners, and facilitating relationships - for both inbound and outbound concepts. This service is not limited to European countries of course as it is available for the creation of business links all over the world, wherever franchise brands and ideas are in demand.


Franchise Pool International’s core service is the presentation of franchise and licence concepts to potential partners in local markets (inbound) and international markets (outbound). FPI Network Partners act as ‘matchmakers’ for investors or potential master franchisees and franchise or licence companies who wish to replicate their proven franchise concept in another country.

FPI Network Partners are able to offer their experience and contacts globally, but with local accountability. The goal is linking the right partner with the right concept. Further services such as consultancy to prepare national systems for international markets and to help new master franchisees establish the business in their country, are available through FPI. Inquiries should always be directed to one of the local partners listed in this brochure; the inquiry will then be forwarded to the appropriate consultant.

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