Chicago Roasthouse

Chicago Roasthouse

Looking for something brand new for the QSR market ?
We have an innovative concept with products never seen before on this market, and handled even faster than fastfood. We do take away in 99 seconds and we have a delivery system that makes sure we can deliver at more addresses per hour than any of our competitors.

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Food, Take Away & Delivery

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Norway, Sweden - other countries on demand

Investment for a single outlet

80.000 incl. initial fee

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starting from 120.000

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We offer a concept with new products, ready for expansion

Based on freshly cooked roasts of beef where the transportation time is used to finalize the roasts.
Our unique prep and production methods allow us to handle “slow food” products just like any fast food.
• Over 24 years of franchising experience
• Take Out customers served in 99 seconds
• Product that gets better as it’s delivered to the customer
• Intelligent delivery system that reduces customer wait time
• Preferred hours of operation that minimize expenses
• Little to no waste
• User friendly ordering interface for front-end & back-end
• Drive-thru ready, FULL take home meal at steakhouse quality
• Owner has reinvested all profits for the last 5 years to grow the customer experience and get the system ready for international expansion

As a master franchisee at Chicago Roasthouse you get the possibility to exploit a fantastic concept and build multiple outlets by either opening more locations yourself, or by selling sub-franchises.

Chicago Roasthouse is a fast casual take out/delivery concept that is reinventing the whole market with products, quality, and methods that have not been seen before and is now starting an international expansion.

Chicago Roasthouse
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If you have any kind of inquiry to our local/national FPI member please fill in the below form and we try to answer to you within 2 working days.

ADDRESS Strandborgvej 28 DK-8240 Risskov
PHONE +45 20219900
AVAILABILITY Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 17.00 h (local time)

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