Ocean Basket - Casual dining seafood only restaurant

Mediterranean home of seafood

Ocean Basket is an established casual dining restaurant brand operating in 18 countries including South Africa, Mauritius, Cyprus and Malta.  The brand's positioning is every day great value.  Ocean Basket is the only Casual Dining seafood only restaurant brand making operations simple and ensuring it stands out from the crowded restaurant sector.  With over 23 years experience in seafood and restauranting Ocean Basket offers investors a full turn key solution - from Ocean to Pan.

More information

Country of origin

South Africa

Type of business

Casual Dining Restaurant

Kind of license available

Area Developement License

Business/Franchise since

1995 / 2004

Type of franchise


countries already covered

South Africa, Cyprus, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Malta, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, Kenya, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Qatar

Target Countries

Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Investment for a single outlet

from 740.000 per restaurant

Franchise fee

70.000 initial fee + 10.000 per restaurant

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The mediterranean only protein seafood

  • sea food as only protein
  • 23 years of experience
  • 200+ restaurants in 18 countries
  • casual dining restaurant
  • mediterranean inspired flavours and brand 
  • warm and inviting
  • established franchise and supply chain infrastructure
  • low labor cost


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Our franchise offer for a franchisee

Magic Formula

  • Efficiencies - fewer people do more
  • reduced labor cost
  • maximum space utilization
  • 80 - 120 seats
  • generosity
  • bespoke flavours
  • capitalise on health trends
  • value for money every single day

Established infrastructure

  • warehouse in Cyprus
  • training in Cyprus
  • comprehensive marketing and branded items

High income and best margins  (example Cyprus average)

  • 30,1 % food cost
  • 26,7 % labour cost
  • 11,1 % franchsie expense
  • 7,8 % restaurant direct cost
  • 4,6 operation cost
  • 1,7 % administration cost

==> 18 % profit

Average Cyprus resturant

  • 40 employees
  • 189 seats
  • 9000 customers a month
  • 2,25 million Euro revenue per year
  • 21 € average consumer spends
  • EBITDA 18 %
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PHONE +49 08669 789 3 987
E-MAIL office@franchisepool.org
AVAILABILITY Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 17.00 h (German time)

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