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Floral Image

Lifelike corporate flower rentals

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Type of business

Corporate Flowers Rental

Kind of license available

Master for country or region / Single

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Business format franchise

countries already covered

20 countries in all continents

Target Countries

Germany, Austria, France

Investment for a single outlet

from 80.000 incl. initial fee and a Van

Master territory fee

starting from 100.000

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About Floral Image

Floral Image is an Australian-based success story that has expanded to over 80 locations in 20 countries across the globe.

Our vibrant, lifelike artificial floral arrangements will enhance the atmosphere of any business, large or small. Colour is known for its ability to influence human emotion and flowers put a smile on everyone’s face. Refreshed monthly, the latest in floral design trends will be delivered to you absolutely free. They’re maintenance-free and a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers.

Floral Image
Floral Image

Franchise Opportunities

Floral Image now has representation in over 80 locations, in 20 countries, covering 6 continents across the globe. We continue to grow rapidly and may have a franchise opportunity in your area!

Our simple business model is designed to help franchisees build profitable businesses quickly and to support flexible, balanced lifestyles. Floral Image’s dedicated marketing team supports franchisees to source and convert opportunities in their local markets.

Due to the success of Floral Image, there are currently no franchise territories available in Australia or New Zealand however there are still many opportunities internationally. Wherever you are in the world, we’d love to hear from you!

Floral Image
Floral Image
Floral Image world
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If you have any kind of inquiry to our local/national FPI member please fill in the below form and we try to answer to you within 2 working days.

ADDRESS Wangerstrasse 17 D - 83365 Nussdorf
PHONE +49 08669 789 3 987
E-MAIL office@franchisepool.org
AVAILABILITY Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 17.00 h (German time)

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