The Pirnar franchise is designed for those who want to succeed in selling the best entrance doors in the world market.

More information

Country of origin


Type of business

Entrance doors B2C

Kind of license available

Single unit in Germany; Area developer in Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Business/Franchise since

1968 / 2017

Type of franchise

Product franchise

countries already covered

UK, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, USA

Target Countries

Germany (single unit), Netherland, Danmark, Sweden, Norway (Area developer)

Investment for a single outlet

From 80.000 incl. initial fee

Master territory fee

15.000 / single unit; 50.000 / area developer

brand website

www.pirnar.de; www.pirnarfranchise.de


The Pirnar brand is one of the most admired brands of entrance doors in the world, with high growth in sales. It creates the greatest customer admiration, it develops the most innovations annually, it offers the most uncompromisingly designed and masterfully crafted entrances and the best thermally insulated aluminium doors in the world. Pirnar entrances regularly receive prizes for a multitude of technical and formal innovations, including three prestigious German Design Awards and an A+Award.


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Our franchise offer for a master

Pirnar is an ideal franchise opportunity for ambitious people. If you have been thinking about offering something new, revolutionary and different on your market, an attractive product that sells excellently and easily and where you can gain high earnings and reputation with customers at the same time, Pirnar is the right partner for you.

Demand for entrance doors is timeless!

Why choose Pirnar?
We are fast growing family business, a real trend setter on the market of entrance doors. Our products are easy to sell as our entrances fascinate customers. Each item sold brings an average of 4 new potential customers. All key activities are performed in-house and no compromises are taken, anywhere. We pay great attention to detail because no detail is insignificant on the way to an integral whole. We do what our competitors cannot do.
A machine has its limits but the craftsman’s hand does not.

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If you have any kind of inquiry to our local/national FPI member please fill in the below form and we try to answer to you within 2 working days.

ADDRESS Wangerstrasse 17 D - 83365 Nussdorf
PHONE +49 08669 789 3 987
E-MAIL office@franchisepool.org
AVAILABILITY Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 17.00 h (German time)

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