CinnZeo - the best Cinnamon Roll in the world


Fast Food concept for shopping malls or stand alone

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Country of origin


Type of business

Fast food - fresh bakery goods

Kind of license available

Master for country or region / Single

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Type of franchise

Business format franchise

countries already covered

Canada, Mexico, Middle East

Target Countries

Germany/Austria and all Europe

Investment for a single outlet

160.000 - 300.000 incl. initial fee

Master territory fee

starting from 100.000

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CinnZeo is a famous Bakery Café concept from Canada that focuses on serving fresh made Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls and products in a retail bakery setting. CinnZeo has over 30 years of experience and is now looking for new markets in Europe.  


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Our franchise offer for a master

Opportunity never tasted so good

The aroma of sweet cinnamon is one that is recognized and coveted by nearly every culture across the globe.

It’s what keeps our Guests coming back for more.

Our promise to franchisepartners: a timely franchise support network, communication that is open and ongoing, and help when you need it. We’ve built a strong franchise and operations system and have a team of experts to continue to build the brand and help our partners reach their goals.

We believe that a successful and rewarding franchise experience will keep franchise partners motivated and guests coming back. Cinnzeo provides the same experience to our franchise partners that we ask them to provide to their guests: a warm and inviting setting, high quality product, and service that is friendly and efficient.

Our growth around the globe proves what we have always known to be true: Cinnzeo’s unique guest experience paired with delicious Cinnamon Rolls is a successful formula wherever it’s applied… from SaudiArabia to BritishColumbia, Canada.

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If you have any kind of inquiry to our local/national FPI member please fill in the below form and we try to answer to you within 2 working days.

ADDRESS Wangerstrasse 17 D - 83365 Nussdorf
PHONE +49 08669 789 3 987
AVAILABILITY Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 17.00 h (German time)

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