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International Broker Service

Franchise Pool International is an initiative of the German Franchise Association (DFV) that has specialised in the brokerage of franchise systems in international markets. Our work focuses both on supporting businesses in their preparation to expand into international markets and in their search for interested partners there as well as helping foreign franchise systems finding suitable partners in Germany. Our services in detail:

1. Outgoing Business

We help German franchises and commercial enterprises in their expansion abroad. We represent businesses from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) that have joined our pool by visiting trade shows, seminars and conferences where we mostly appear as speaker. Furthermore we are represented at international trade shows where we present ourselves with our own stand and are actively looking for master franchise partners.

On request we are also happy to research specific markets for certain industries and to approach potentially interested parties directly. To do this we use the help of local consultants who best know the domestic market and investors that may be suitable. With these outgoing activities we were already able to find foreign partners for renowned businesses over the past years. You can find a few prominent examples in our list of references.

2. Incoming Business

Due to an increased demand by foreign companies wanting to establish themselves on the German market, we have taken up this service in our portfolio, too. We offer our “Recruitment Service” to foreign commercial businesses and franchise systems looking for a partner in Germany. In cooperation with a specialised recruitment agency for franchises as well as with franchise portals in the Internet and a special department of the German Federal Employment Office, a large number of potential candidates wanting to establish themselves as master franchisee are available to us.

Our service lies in making the right pre-selection and gaining the trust of the candidate. We support the bidding process until a contract is concluded or a party has been declined. Precondition for taking up a foreign system in our portfolio is a personal on-site inspection of the business and a study of the system’s feasibility in the German-speaking countries. Should you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to call our office.

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