Master Recruitment - how we find masters for you

Franchise recruitment packages:

Before we start recruitment activities we require the following documents:
Franchise presentation (light and high-resolution versions – up to 40 pages) preferably in Power Point
• Franchise Information Memorandum or Disclosure Document with full information and complying with local legal requirements, where necessary.
Pictures in high resolution and a video if available  (sizes 800x600 and for a banner 1920x270)
Legal documents (master contract, NDA, reservation agreement) - all legal documents must correspond to EU law
Financial information (fee structure, investment, P&L model for 3 years)

The FPI recruitment contract, that the client signs with his local FPI partner, defines the general terms and the success fees that will apply across the FPI network.  However, as costs and opportunities for marketing activities differ from country to country, marketing budgets are negotiated directly with the partner from each targeted national market.

We offer a range of proposals for identifying master prospects:

 1. Basic package:  
We list the brand in our portfolio, on our website and on selected leading franchise portals.  We professionally process all incoming inquires.

2.. Pro-active package    
In addition to the basic package, we pro-actively search in social media such as Xing or LinkedIn. We contact prospects based on their profiles, industry interest, etc. Further, we organize events for your brand and invite prospects for a personal meeting. We will also introduce your brand to local brokers who partner with us.

3. Comprehensive package    
In addition to packages 1 and 2, we provide after sales services, including support for setting up the master franchisee, with consulting services on financing, adaptation of documents, site selection, improving franchise sales and much more.

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