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Logiscool is the world’s first and largest franchise network offering regular computer coding after-school classes and summer camps for kids & teens in well-equipped, dedicated and inspiring classrooms,  using a unique, own, innovative education platform. In only 3 years they have grown to a network operating 40+ locations in 7 countries,  teaching 10.000+ children!

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Computer Coding school for kids and teens

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Hungary, Switzerland,Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia

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all Europe

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50.000 incl. initial fee

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starting from 150.000

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Logiscool - Fun based computer coding courses and camps for kids & teens (6-18)


Create. Code. Enjoy.


The demand for e-skills is huge and it keeps growing in Europe and worldwide, while the number of IT specialists graduating year by year is far behind this number. In a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, it is crucial that our children who grow up using gadgets become active creators of technology, not just passive users. In the near future, no profession is untouched by computers, therefore coding is a core skill every child must possess.


Digital literacy has become a basic skill for the 21st century.


Logiscool is the world’s first and largest franchise network offering regular computer coding after-school classes and summer camps for kids & teens in well-equipped, dedicated and inspiring classrooms,  using a unique, own, innovative education platform. In only 3 years they have grown to a network operating 40+ locations in 7 countries, teaching 10.000+ children!




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What does Logiscool offer for students?

• Classroom-based after-school courses (90 minutes) and summer camps. The courses adjust to the students’ timetable, their summer/winter breaks, holidays, etc.
• A self-developed unique own education platform (Scoolcode) with a special age-scalable coding language. The platform integrates world class technology and digital curriculum. Scoolcode takes into account the students’ age and knowledge and adapts to it. (It can be taylor made for all children ages and expertize levels.)
• A project-based methodology and long-term curriculum.
• Continually developing new and relevant courses for the changing world.
• Small groups in well-equipped, dedicated and inspiring classrooms, in office buildings.
• Young, enthusiastic trainers (university studenst) who inspire kids & teens.

The mission of Logiscool is to make computer coding education available for as many school age children as possible. They have a passion and commitment to inspire by giving students the tools to develop and create, and not just consume. Not all  students will become programmers, but they learn algorithmic and logical thinking, which is a great advantage for them throughout their lives whatever their chosen profession is going to be.

Advantages of Logiscool courses?

• The experience-based teaching method wide-opens doors to creativity during programming education. While seriously learning, the students do what they most like: create.
• Logiscool teaches kids and teens the joy of computer coding by helping them write their own cool computer animations, games and applications.
• The students learn logical thinking, problem solving and process creation. Even their school results can improve.

Summer/Winter camps
There is a full variety of topics in Logiscool’s popular summer and winter coding camps, including computer game and application design, Minecraft, robots, video and photo editing, website creation, etc. Whatever the topic is, the other half of the day is reserved for outdoor activities and fun.

Conscious and Trendy Parents
Logiscool - with the help of a research firm - has conducted a survey among the parents of children attending Logiscool schools. A large portion of the parents consulted had been consciously seeking an opportunity for programming education for their children, as it was clear to them that acquiring digital literacy has now become essential. Most parents believe that what their children are taught at Logiscool will be of use to them in any case, whether their future occupation relates to IT directly or indirectly. The majority expect their children to be introduced to the world of information technology and coding in a playful and practice-oriented manner. The survey has also revealed that, as parents see it, practicality, playfulness, creation and the presentation of their projects are what children enjoy the most during their Logiscool education.

What is included in the Logiscool Franchise package?

For many people, the dream of running their own business is just a dream. But it doesn’t need to be. With a Logiscool  franchise you can turn your dream into a reality and be your own boss, create a new career, and begin enjoying the many benefits of business ownership.
The Logiscool franchise is a complex system providing all elements you need to join in a successful company, start your own innovative business and run it successfully.
The Logiscool franchise package includes:
• The right for use of Logiscool brand, corporate identity and full education concept
• Access to courses curricula continuously developed by Logiscool Research and Development team working hard to stay ahead of industry trends
• Access to Logiscool own unique education platform
• Your own exclusive territory for your business
• Initial franchise business training (curriculum, platform, sales, HR, marketing, PR)
• Initial and regular trainings for the instructors
• Central marketing support including creative planning and strategic assistance regarding your local marketing campaigns
• Professional presence on a well-managed Logiscool website
• Logiscool email addresses Access to proprietary and proven systems (CRM) and techniques designed to make business ownership simple and efficient
• Administrative and financial regulations and procedures
• Professional ongoing support by dedicated staff

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If you have any kind of inquiry to our local/national FPI member please fill in the below form and we try to answer to you within 2 working days.

ADDRESS Wangerstrasse 17 D - 83365 Nussdorf
PHONE +49 08669 789 3 987
E-MAIL office@franchisepool.org
AVAILABILITY Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 17.00 h (German time)

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