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Global Master Franchise Forum

We postpone our Forum to

October 21st - 23rd 2020 in Paris

Learn more about international expansion with master partners and present your brand to all FPI members.

Meet with 20 FPI partners covering 45 countries and discuss your expansion plans

Cover 45 countries with one contact

Franchise Pool International's (FPI) Global Franchise Forum is the place to connect with a truly international team of professional franchise consultants who are ideally placed to assist your European expansion needs as well as expansion to Canada, USA, South Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East.

The Forum is a unique blend of information gathering, networking and professional development, providing best practice on expanding your brand internationally. Instead of traveling to each individual country, visit the Forum which offers you a platform to meet 20 specialists representing 45 countries - 26 in Europe plus South Africa, the Gulf States, South East Asia and North America. Combined with a comprehensive program of services and information the Forum offers you and your team the opportunity to gain greater insight into achieving your international expansion goals.

This year´s motto is: 
Meet 45 countries in one room

Many franchise systems start their international expansion driven by a request from abroad. Often, they assume - what is successful in my country could be successful in other countries, too. But that ís a misconception. International expansion requires the same efforts, time, and money as if you invested in your system at home. Even if you have the right expansion strategy you need to travel extensively to get in touch with the right people in all your destination countries. FPI has a better and more economical solution: With one contact in your initial target market you reach prospects in over 45 countries.

Both the opportunities and challenges for your expansion greatly multiply by targeting different countries. Each member of Franchise Pool International supports your company in managing the local franchise challenges. Our general mission is to find a master franchise partner in your target markets.

Franchise Pool International (FPI) is THE  leading network of specialised franchise consultants - now including partners from the Middle East and Canada. FPI consultants have the skills to support your expansion plans across 45 countries in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and North Amaerica, providing expert local knowledge and a proven track record in successful franchise development and master franchise recruitment.

Every member of FPI offers professional local insights into their respective markets. You can rely on their long franchise experience for your successful market entry. Franchise Pool International specialists provide valuable knowledge about the opportunities and challenges for franchising across Europe and worldwide through chairing sessions on key topics, such as how to identify master franchisees, lead generation and best practices in structuring master franchise programs.

Our Forum

The 2020 Spring Forum in Paris is FPI´s 12th Global Master Franchise Forum and is designed to accelerate the development of your brand in Europe, South Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Canada. We offer fast track reviews in taking your brand internationally. We also introduce you to challenges and best practice cases. Additionally, you can take part in our ”One-2-One sessions”, which are often the starting point of profitable long-term relations with individual FPI consultants. You can speak to each FPI partner and discuss your questions for each country, covering 45 markets, all in one afternoon. Each individual FPI partner covers their region or country presenting you with the key characteristics of your target markets.

The Global Forum also provides many opportunities for networking with the consultants and franchisors present. FPI is structured so as to provide you with an effective franchise development team for your European expansion. Each client has a designated FPI account manager, whose role is to liaise with his FPI colleagues and provide each client with a single point of contact for all FPI services.


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